Podcast Forecast: The Lady Gang

Written by Taylor Duffany

Edited by Corinne Hennessey

Recently I have found myself listening to a lot of podcasts. There are so many that I love, but there is one that I am absolutely obsessed with, and find myself looking forward to a new episode every week. The Lady Gang, hosted by actress and blogger Becca Tobin, TV personality Keltie Knight, and self-made entrepreneur Jac Vanek, makes you feel like you’re at brunch with all of your girlfriends! 26124765495_e2aca61e14_o

Not only are these ladies fabulously fashionable, but they are absolutely hilarious! They use their podcast to empower women, share their own personal stories about life in Hollywood, and answer their fans’ burning questions. Whether it be about sex, social media, or the incredibly embarrassing stories told in “Good Week, Bad Week,” (trust me, they are so funny!) I can guarantee that you will find The Lady Gang entertaining and inspiring.25522138913_ed1efa5e09_o

Some of their guests include Darren Criss, Pentatonix’s Kristin Maldonado, Jenna Ushkowitz, The Bachelorette’s Kaitlyn Bristowe, Lea Michele, and Christina Perri. That’s only some! I absolutely love The Lady Gang, and I have a feeling you will too! Subscribe to The Lady Gang the podcast app for new episodes every Tuesday!

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