Training with Tess: Ep. 11 What’s on my Mind

Written by Tess Dooley

Edited by Corinne HennesseyScreen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.02.46 AM.png

One week out- whats on my mind?

WOW. I cannot believe that it is less than a week until the race of my life! This is what I have been waiting for, training for, and dreaming for, and the fact that it is almost time makes me speechless.

So with less than 7 days out, don’t you wonder what is going on my head!!??

Well, that is what I am here for.

First off- I am PUMPED. Beyond words.I think about it almost every second of everyday and count down the hours before it’s time to line up in Hokington. But what else am I thinking?

I am thinking about how excited I am that my family will be there to support me and my oldest sister will be visiting the entire race weekend! I am thinking how grateful I am to have people like them in my life to make me run that much faster to see them cheering. 

I think about how prepared I am and if I will beat my PR or not. I think about if that is even important or if it is solely just the run that means the most, faster or not. I think about my body and what it will feel like the morning of.

I think of the weather and what it will bring come the day. Will it be windy or sunny, rainy or cloudy? I think about if the weather will even matter because of the importance of Boston.

I think about my tapering and the miles I need to get ready to cut back this week. I think about food I will need to be so careful about and the nutrients that will keep me in the race.Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.56.47 PM

I think about the race expo and the butterflies I know I will feel when I finally get to touch my bib number. I think about the  many people who have and who still will donate to my important fundraising efforts and how much they have helped not only me, but so many others as well.

I think about the people who have led me to where I am. I think about the outfit I will wear and the headband I still can’t seem to make a decision on.

I think about my the 30,000 plus runners that will be next to me on April 18, and imagine the milestones they have been through to get there. I think about the amount of hard work that goes into a race such as this. I think about how talented so many people are and how inspirational one sport can be.

I think about the thousands of supporters that will be lining the streets and wonder how many of them will recognize me or how many I myself will recognize.

I think about the elites going out on race day looking to win and imagine just what it feels like to fly like they do.

And finally I think about my hard work.

I think about the miles I have run, the hours I have spent, and the endless emotions I have overcome.

I think about how worth it running really is.

To be where I will be, competing where I am, and standing where I will be. I wonder how I got to be this lucky.

I think about Boston.Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.02.14 AM.png

With less than a week until the marathon we hope that you take a minute to wish Tess goodluck in the comments below, and to donate to her campeign (here). We hope to see you out on Commonwealth Ave Monday cheering for Tess along side all of us from POLISHED blog and magazine and the entire Lasell community! We’re so proud of you Tess! Best of luck!

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