Tips for a Stress Free Week

By: Raegan Cleary

College is funny. The first week or so is relatively slow. Sure you might have some homework but nothing overwhelming. Then the third week rolls around and out of nowhere you get assigned eight projects for five classes. This transition is so sudden that even the most experienced students are unprepared. Luckily POLISHED has some tips to get you through the busiest of weeks.

* Plan your weeks in advance: If you don’t have a planner already, go get one. Then give yourself an hour or so to look at everything you need to do during the week and write it down! When you write it down you’re less likely to forget it and it gives you something to refer back on.29978881066_7eebbd844b_o

* Be efficient: I know it’s tempting to spend your time between classes relaxing but trust me when I say it feels better to relax after your work is done! Even if it’s just a half hour break, breaking your work down into smaller chunks makes it a lot easier to manage.

* Take breaks: This may sound like it’s contradicting the advice above, but breaks are good within reason. They give you time to refresh and recharge. Also breaks are good reward. For every half hour of work, give yourself 5 minutes to unwind. Just don’t take it too far.

* Reward yourself: A little positive reinforcement never hurts. An inexpensive treat like ice cream will remind you how great it feels to get your work done.

Did you find this advice helpful? What tips do you have for a stress free week? Let us know in the comments below!

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