Festival DIY: Wrap Around Choaker

Written by Paris Adams

Skip a trip to the mall and DIY this bohemian fall staple with items found at a craft store!  

27104410795_a471e12124_oWhat You’ll Need:

  • Suede cording in a color of your choice (they have every color imaginable!).
  • Metal cord ends
  • A pack of beads or charms of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Small jewelry pliers
  • Super glue


How to Make It:

  1. Cut a piece of the suede cording to a length of your choice, depending on how many times you want to wrap it and how long you want it to hang. A good measurement is the length of your arms stretched out. Cut the ends on a diagonal to make threading the cord easier.27010047272_4fcccd420d_o
  2. Place a metal cord end on each of the ends.27036010421_cc0acaf361_o
  3. Arrange your charms and beads the way you want them to hang and add a small amount of superglue to the ends of the circle hoops so your charms don’t fall off.27010047332_3141562161_o 27071166126_3320d8e33b_o27104410775_7ce08ff924_o
  4. Place the charms on the cording and then loop the ends around and pull them through the metal cord ends, placing a small amount of superglue in between the two pieces to secure them. 26500480583_0bac9c8f69_o27104478925_2dfc10ec8b_o
  5. Let the superglue sit until it’s completely dry (it will say how long on the bottle).27036010451_2b17a3fc83_o
  6. Once it’s dry your choker is ready to be worn, enjoy!

*One pack of cording makes two necklaces. 

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