Athleasure Movement

Written by Tess Dooley

With so much talk about health and fitness in our country, it is no surprise that trendy athletic wear is all anyone is talking about. Fabletics, Lulu Lemon, Athleta and so many more brands are making their lines extend to catch the eye of multiple markets.  From long sweatshirt ponchos to cut out leggings, we are seeing it all. Athletic wear has made it’s way into mainstream fashion, but is it truly being used in the right way? Can you actually workout in all of the clothing represented for athletics?29710910770_10d75f617c_o.jpg

Yes, workout clothing can be comfortable and yes, there are cute outfits that can be molded from critical athletic pieces, but is the healthy lifestyle movement truly powerful if it is not being used for what is is made for?5d379788802fb61960a4590afe7dfe6f.jpg

So many style gurus, bloggers, and brands are making athletic leisure wear a staple to their fall fashion guides but rather than taking these looks to the gym they are taking them into everyday life. As a fitness fanatic myself, I do like to see the growth of athletic wear developing, but for myself, gym clothes are gym clothes. They are made to get down and dirty and fit comfortably so that you can move around and get that sweaty workout in with no distractions. For me, the idea of busting your butt in the gym is the calm before the storm. I look forward to getting those gym clothes off and putting on something that is total opposite. You can completely change your persona from who you are when you are getting work done to who you are in everyday street style. Essentially, I use athletic wear for its title purpose; athletics. I don’t believe that cutout leg gins and tank tops with padded bras are what we should be using. I also don’t believe those should be pieces that you put on to conquer your day.


So, I am torn. Although I love to see the athletic clothing growing and growing I am not sure about the idea of using it in regular daily activities. Should it be strictly gym attire or am I totally wrong? What do you think about the athletic wear movement into mainstream?

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