Artist Exclusive: Sophie Minter x Noah Winters

Written by Corinne Hennessey

British based company Noah Winters is the new kid on the block when it comes to e-commerce; busy making waves promoting the fresh faces of graphic design and apparel, these young entrepreneurs are well on their way to taking over the market on graphic tees. In an effort to highlight different artists throughout the UK, Noah Winters was founded in the late 2000’s and then relaunched in March of 2016 by founder Jamie Rainsford.13606457_1223193047699078_7038031788564702_n

Their website, explains how the company inspired not only an apparel line but also a movement to support local artists. “Left frustrated by the education system and its ability to make people feel unsuccessful, just because they can’t find the meaning of ‘x’, or spell stupidly tricky words that even the teachers had to look up in a dictionary, he set out to build his own path to success; one that didn’t consist of getting good grades, but instead built upon pure creativity.”Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 1.32.27 PM.png

The company remains small intentionally, cultivating a sense of supported creativity. Currently there are ten artists including founder, Jamie Rainsford. His intention was to “carefully choose a selection of lesser known (but still wildly talented) artists” and help them bring their designs to the physical space through apparel, prints, and mugs, just a few of the products Noah Winters has to offer. What sets this group of creatives apart is the wide range perspectives and experiences that result in a diverse selection of designs, offering something that will appeal to everyone. 12487182_1118106128207771_5769240134602584943_o

Sophie Minter, an illustration major at the University for Creative Arts in Farnham UK, got involved with Noah Winters when Jamie messaged her on Facebook after she posted a piece of her artwork online. It was an illustration project focused on whales in the woods that caught Jamie’s eye, prompting him to ask Sophie to join the Noah Winters design team. She developed her first design over the course of the summer, Night Fishing, and officially became what the company calls a “Supported Artist”.13076837_1179519555399761_4990423089348068734_n

However, Sophie is different from the rest. Born in Massachusetts and raised in the south of England, this artist offers a unique vision to the company. Her designs offer a unique combination of cityscapes from around the world and her life here on the North Shore. Her collection on Noah Winters is mostly inspired by nature; drawing from her time on the New England coast and trips cross country, ranging from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the Rocky Mountains of Montana. This can be seen on her best selling Noah x Dor&Tan mug, pictured above, which is currently sold out on the site. 

13879475_1240257585992624_9137765067564577826_n        13507050_1213638048654578_7307905697722736486_n

The future is bright for Noah Winters as they continue to expand their products and collaborate with new artists. Over the coming months leading into 2017, the company intends to release the new “Core Collection” and introduce several new artists. With the introduction of Noah’s Cabin, their pop up shop in Farnham England, they got a taste for brick and mortar retailing and are eager to continue to explore the outlet. As for Sophie, she hopes to relocate to Massachusetts next fall and spend time exploring our diverse creative scene. But for now, the company, and Sophie will continue to create and inspire us all.

To see more of Sophie’s illustrations follow her on Instagram @s.h.m.illustration and Facebook at Sophie Minter illustrations. Shop her collection and many others at with promo code ‘POLISHED2016’ at check out! Be sure to follow @noahwintersuk on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see more exclusive content and keep up to date with this budding company!

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