Training with Tess: Cold Weather Eating

Written by Tess Dooley

With Fall in full effect and winter right around the corner, the motivation and determination to get through this year is seeming to nearly slip away. How do we stay healthy, happy, and on track? Well, one of the most important aspects to living an energetic and balanced lifestyle has a lot to do with the vitamins and minerals we put into our body. Cold weather and dark days seem to throw people into hibernation mode where they lose their fitness inspirations, slowly let go of their seemingly impossible goals, and order that unhealthy but, oh so yummy take -out while shoving meal prep back into the fridge. Trust me, everyone struggles with this as the seasons change and our schedules become busier, but the more you stick with a set routine and balanced living style, the easier it becomes- until finally it is simply the norm.

I have revved up some easy, fast, and healthy meals to keep you on track and feeling energetic come these cold days so that there is no excuse to pick up the phone and waste money on food that simply is not doing the trick. Homemade foods are almost always a better choice; not only for your wallet, but for your body as well. Incorporating fresh vegetables and creating wholesome meals can be easy, especially with this simple guide I have prepared. With limitless options and few ingredients; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks can be a breeze. Put down the pizza cutter and plastic utensils, head to the grocery store and start setting your table, because here are the best food breakthroughs for your stormy season.

Still craving some takeout?? Well, I’ve got that covered too! This past weekend I was the chef at my house and prepared for my parents a healthy and veggie friendly meal that was inspired from their favorite takeout meal- Chinese. I made them a simple chicken and vegetable noodle dish that is a popular choice at their go-to take-out restaurant. Instead of building the dish up with thick, carbo-loaded noodles that simply waste calories, I opted for silver bean thread noodles that incorporate minimal carbs and cut the calories more than half. And how can you possibly eat a healthy side dish appetizer from Chinese? Well, it’s tough but I recreated a healthy vegetarian style egg roll for them using phyllo dough instead of  thick breading on a traditional egg roll. I filled it with cooked cabbage, peppers, and onions making them a creation that were simply adorable. Not only did my parents demolish each and every one, but they were so happy to know that the health benefits of these were far greater than the ones from a Chinese box.

Trust me, I understand the days where you don’t want to get in the kitchen and take-out is easier, but almost always your body will disagree. Take-out style food is filled with sodium and empty calories that are most of the time un- beneficial to your health. Creating home-made dishes with fresh ingredients is the way to go. My guides will take you from down in the dumps to filled with energy, ready to kick the cold weather right in the butt.Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 9.57.35 AM.png

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