CoverGirl’s Newest Spokesmodels

By: Raegan Cleary

Recently CoverGirl shook up the makeup world by announcing that 17 year old, high school student James Charles would join celebrities such as Katy Perry and Zendaya as a spokemodel for CoverGirl. Charles has no formal makeup training and only started posting on Instagram a year ago when he began doing makeup on his friends. Since then he’s gotten 650,000 followers on Instagram. A few months later Charles launched a YouTube channel that now has over 70,000 subscribers. 30787029642_52c960395e_oJust last week, CoverGirl added another new spokesmodel, 24 year old beauty vlogger Nura Afia. Afia started watching YouTube videos five years ago during her downtime as a stay at home mom. Half a decade later, Afia is making history as the first Muslim women to wear a hijab for a major cosmetics campaign.  The campaign is for a new mascara that is supposed to universally work on all types of eyelashes.  She, along with Charles and other spokesmodels will be featured on a billboard in Times Square and a TV advertisement, so keep your eyes open.

30787031412_fb6761c808_oWhat do you think about CoverGirl creating so much diversity in their latest campaign? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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