The Camel Coat

Written by Maddison Polaski 

It’s getting colder out as the months go on, which means it’s time to bundle up with multiple layers.  The camel coat is one of the hottest and warmest trends for this winter and it’s super easy to style. Whether it’s casual wear, work wear, or going out wear this jacket will be the only outerwear piece you’ll need. 

Casual Wear

Boyfriend jeans are laid back and give off the casual yet stylish vibe.  When heading off to class or grabbing a bite to eat with friends, this outfit provides the comfort and warmth.  The maroon color adds to the fall/ winter look, and, of course, the camel coat is the ultimate statement piece that ties the outfit all together. 


Work Wear

The work week can be long, but that does not mean the clothes worn there have to be boring.  The pink trousers with the bow, found at Urban Outfitters, adds a feminine touch to the outfit.  Also, with the flattering cut, it’s appropriate work attire.  The camel overcoat adds sophistication to the overall look. 30303641454_f86418b76b_o

Going Out Wear

This outfit it perfect for any night out in the city of Boston. The solid color t shirt dress and matching over- the- knee boots let the camel coat stand out all on its own. 

30303641374_445f0090f0_o(Model: Hannah Smith Photographer: Myself)

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