Training with Tess: Kickboxing

karlie-kloss-aitken-jolly-photoshoot-2016-01As winter hibernation mode kicks in and the comfort food cravings come about, it’s important to keep your state towards a healthy attitude, mind, and body. The best thing to keep you motivated this winter is to never stop moving and never get in a “funk” of being lazy. It’s very easy to come up with excuses when it comes time to exercise and staying healthy, but in the end the excuses only hurt yourself. Exercise is a proven fact to keep your energy levels up and improve your brain power making you bound for success in the new academic semester!

There are so many positive aspects of exercising to incorporate your body in. Yoga, pilates, cardio, HIIT, and cycling have been all the hype to maintain a positive body image and a cheerful attitude. But one that I have found recently insuring and motivating is, kickboxing! Have I given up running??- no! But I have added in cross training kickboxing after multiple long runs to give my body a recovery workout that can make me stronger, sweatier, and in even better shape! Kickboxing is a great component to strengthening the muscles, which I find extremely important as distance running leads to muscle loss because of the taxing toll it takes on your body. It is important for not only runners like myself, but many people to strengthen their body so that in the long run it can function in everyday activities and keep you energized as you become elder.1470313234-karliekloss2 

Kickboxing is super universal because it allows people to engage as much or as little as they want up to the standard that their body can participate at. Whether you can do 20 punches a minute or 100, your body is performing a set of movements that don’t occur with regular workouts either in the gym or in your home. Kickboxing is also a great way for all ages and sizes to get involved as each move has a modified version for those who may find it difficult. The art of kickboxing scares people off at first thought, but it isn’t anything to be afraid of. I too, assumed that it was too complicated, out of my element, and un- adaptable to my physical fitness.

I never want to find myself being “comfortable” in any exercise I participate in because usually that can indicate not enough effort or not pushing your body to the ability it is capable of. Another reason people can become uninterested is the expected cost that It requires to participate. But, you don’t have to pay for a class. I discovered free kickboxing classes on my own tv at home that were available at any time to play over and over again. If not on your tv, online videos are posted daily that you can follow along with whether it be in your dorm room or even your gym! Once you do it a couple times, the moves become like a dance and your body remembers the sequences you performed previously as a set. The body is smarter than we all think and can move in ways we may not have thought possible. That is what I find to be so inspiring about athletics. It is possible for ANYONE. People are so likely to explain they can’t do it or aren’t good at sports, but that excuse is not legitimate. Ultimately, you can perform anything you set your mind to, but you will never realize that unless you try!

Have you tried at home kickboxing or a kickboxing class? Let us know in the comments below! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @bostonpolished and come back next week for the next edition of Training with Tess!

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