New Gucci Campaign Making Strides for Diversity in Fashion

Written by  Kaylia Clark

The fashion industry has been criticized time and time again for it’s lack of diversity.

There has been little or no people of color on runways or in advertisements. However, Gucci has stepped out of that box. In late January of this year, the major fashion brand has released a numerous teaser videos on their Instagram page for their Pre-Fall 2017 campaign. All nine models featured were African Americans.

These videos were set up as casting videos. Five men and four women stated their name and age and were all asked the question “what is your spirit animal?” or “what does soul mean to you?”. Then, a track was played and they were asked to dance.

new-gucci-campaign.jpegFor years, Eurocentric features were held as the standard of beauty, especially in the fashion industry. However, each model in these videos was unapologetically black, sporting afros and their natural locks. This is a big shift, but it can mean lot for the diversity issue within the industry by being more inclusive and accepting of all types of people.

So what is Gucci going to bring to the table this season? If we think about the questions the models were asked, one can probably brainstorm what this collection will bring. Perhaps it will include a lot of African-American influences. I’m excited to see what’s to come!

What do you think of Gucci’s new campaign? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or share them with us on Twitter and Instagram @bostonpolished!

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