Accent Colors for Spring

Written by: Madison Paloski

Warm weather has reached Boston very quickly and it has us aching for spring.  The geniuses behind WGSN have put together color wheels and mood boards for the upcoming season, and some accent colors are standing out and appearing quite frequently.  These colors will be super easy to add to your wardrobe this season and will make anyone get spring fever. 

Green Sulphur


Neon colors from the 80’s are making a comeback, but with a softer contemporary twist to them. Designers are pairing this color with darker hues to make the bright green really pop. 

Desert Rose


Soft pastel pinks are light, airy and perfect for the spring time. Paired with blue, green and yellow base colors, the feminine and soft pink has a more mature appeal.  This color can be made from tons of different fabrics, making it fun and able to play with.

Blue Butterfly


Blue is always a color that stands out when worn correctly; in this case, it’s the perfect accent piece. Blue Butterfly gives an outfit a fresh and abstract feel.  One way that this color is easy to style is through accessories.  Here’s a hint: match blue shoes and a blue handbag for an overall put-together look. 

Artificial Yellow and Fizzy Green


These two pastel colors easily go hand in hand. Designers are trying to add a youthful and luminous aspect to their clothing by using these colors as accents. 

Will you be rocking these accent colors this Spring? Let us know and share your photos with us on Instagram and Twitter @bostonpolished!

(All photos from WGSN)

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