Weekend Warrior

Written by Avery Stankus32756240370_b53dbb956d_o.png

Weekends are for coffee, friends, and relaxing. If it’s been a long week of early-morning classes, late nights, and endless assignments like it has for me… make this weekend a ‘you’ weekend. Want to keep this weekend low-key and free? Here are a few ways to have a mellow, but productive weekend!

READ: Make a cup of coffee and pick up that book you’ve been putting aside. If you don’t have a particular book in mind, try one of my faves: Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur, or The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. A good book can help you escape reality for a couple of hours.

LISTEN: Whether it’s your favorite Spotify playlist or maybe an inspiring podcast, turn the volume up as loud as possible. Hearing other people’s words can help you to knock out the last few paragraphs of your research paper. A great podcast that I love is #GirlBoss Radio With Sophia Amoruso. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.

WATCH: Get into your comfy sweats and invite your friends over. It’s a perfect time to start, or even finish, your beloved Netflix series. Want to watch something different? try a TED Talks. ‘We should all be feminists’ is a great place to start!

SLEEP: Let’s be honest—the best way to spend a weekend is to catch up on sleep. Turn off your alarms and get in some Z’s.

How do you plan to spend your weekend? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram @bostonpolished

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