POLISHED Playlist: Hippo campus

Written By: Corinne Ciraldo

Hippo Campus is commonly known as a part of the brain, but to me it is known as one of my favorite bands in 2017. Hippo Campus is an indie band that consists of a vocalist/ guitarist, a guitarist, a drummer, and a bassist. The band members grew up in and started the band in St. Paul Minnesota. Jake Luppen, lead singer, used to make and deliver sandwiches before the creation of Hippo Campus. What an upgrade! They didn’t release their first EP “Bashful Creatures” just until one year after the formation of the band in 2013. Within another short year they release their second EP called “South”. Since they formed the band Hippos Campus they have been seen at venues such as Red Rocks, Lollapalooza, and many smaller venues all around the country.

hippocampusAfter two successful EP’s Hippo Campus finally decided to tackle making a full thirteen song album and working more in depth with a producer. The band traveled to Cannon Falls, Minnesota to record their album titled “Landmark”. Hippo Campus recorded Landmark at Pachyderm Studios which isn’t new to working with well-known artists. The 90’s band Nirvana recorded and produced In Utero in that same studio as well. The studio also doubles as a house so the band was able to sleep there which helped their creative process through living at the house.

Before the release of their first album on February 24th, Hippo Campus also went to Downtown St. Paul at the Landmark Center for which their first album is named.  They went to high school there and credited it to where they first got inspired to make music.maxresdefault

Don’t believe me when I tell you they are an amazing band? Check them out for yourself as they headline in Boston on April 1st at the Paradise Rock Club.

Listen to a couple of their songs on youtube and their full album on Spotify.

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