Powerful Women Series: Danielle Bernstein 

March is International Women’s Month and we’d like to take a moment to recognize a few inspiring women in the fashion industry who are leading the way for the next generation of young women in the industry!

Written by Avery Stankus

When you think ‘fashion blogger,’ you may imagine a woman relaxing in her PJs, sitting at her kitchen table behind a computer while drinking her morning coffee. Fashion blogging is so much more than that. From blogger to business woman, Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat knows this. She has given fashion blogging a whole new life.

33293693076_e7d96c6735_oBernstein’s blog started as a street style blog five years ago. Since then, WeWoreWhat has grown to become a personal lifestyle diary while also providing outfit inspo. She started the blog while studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology and before graduating the blog became a success. Bernstein decided to take a year off to pursue the blog as a full-time job and has been in pursuit ever since. The way Bernstein goes about her photos on her blog is interesting. You won’t notice a whole lot of her looking straight at the camera. Under the FAQ’s on her blog she states, “Too often, fashion becomes about the model—and I’m not a model. I don’t even like wearing makeup. What I do like are clothes, and that’s where I want my readers to focus.” Whether it’s her blog or through her many business collaborations, Bernstein’s career has put a new name to ‘fashion blogger.’

33334461915_db00c7ea8b_oYou may notice bloggers landing magazine covers or scoring beauty contracts. As for Bernstein, she went one step further and started her own business–Second Skin Overalls. If you’ve been following her for a while, you know she loves her overalls. Her brand’s name is fitting because she often refers to the fashion piece as her “second skin.” Making $40,000 in the first three hours, it’s crazy to think Bernstein first sketched the initial five pairs on the back of a napkin. You can see celebrities like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski rocking the season-less staple. Have you gotten a pair?

The NYC native can be seen both in the front row at fashion week as well as all over social media. Bernstein documents her daily escapades on Snapchat, while also posting her ‘ootd’s’ on Instagram. I’m guilty of stopping whatever I’m doing just to watch what she’s doing for the day on her Snapchat story. She posts meetings, workout routines and night outings… and Bleecker, her French bulldog, of course. If the dog isn’t a good enough reason to add her, I don’t know what is. 33179115762_eb2b55406d_o

What you’ll notice about this blogger is she isn’t shy about talking business. She isn’t afraid to mention how much she makes per Instagram post, or how well her sales are doing. Her biggest piece of advice for any aspiring fashion blogger is to be a fearless networker and to not be something for everyone, but to be everything for someone. Bernstein claims that finding your niche is the most important way to stand out in this crowded industry. As someone who’s style is so unique and so out there, she has certainly gotten backlash. Her response? “If you have haters you’re doing something right,” she told Elle. With how busy the blogger gets, she still makes the time to interact with her followers whether it’s through Snapchat or meet-ups. 32491720074_d68a8f219a_o-2

Bernstein’s risk-taking and business-savvy lifestyle is far from relaxing. She truly is the definition of a powerful woman. If you haven’t had the chance to read her blog, I suggest you start and be sure to be on the lookout for her book coming out soon. Do you love WeWoreWhat? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram @bostonpolished!

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