West Coast Inspired: Overalls

Written by Emma Davis

Overalls are back in style, people. I’m not sure if it’s Danielle Bernstein of Who What Wear or some farm-chic runway inspiration that I missed the memo on, but I do know that the childhood staple piece has made a return to relevance. While we may have to wait until late spring or summer for them to be wearable here on the east coast, the durable romper alternative can be seen everywhere in the west. Over spring break I traveled to Los Angeles, California. While I always find myself drawn to the laid back and eclectic west coast style, the prevalence of overalls had me sold on the Californian city.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.42.07 AM.pngThe same pair of baggy, distressed denim overalls that prompted my roommate to jokingly call me a farmer earned lots of compliments when worn to a party in Los Angeles. The remainder of that week, I found myself dressing them both up and down. With a black tank top  and metallic slide sandals, overalls were brunch appropriate. Later, when the plain tank was swapped for a grungy graphic tee and the slides were switched with booties, the same denim overalls were appropriate for dinner Downtown. Traveling home I put on a white t-shirt, high top sneakers, and tied a sweater around my waist for when I boarded the inevitably chilly plane. Back in Boston, it’s easy to combat the cold by layering chunky sweaters, knit turtlenecks, or even hoodies under your overalls!

Still not sold on the versatility of overalls? From beachy to retro, overalls suit more styles than you may think. Check out the look book of different types of overalls and how to wear them, brought to you by west coast inspiration.

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