College Style Series: Wentworth Institute of Technology and Simmons College

Written and Photographed by Emma Davis 

With over 50 colleges and 250,000 college students in the greater area, Boston is one of the greatest cities to attend college in. College Style Series is an ongoing collection of articles talking to students from universities in and around Boston about their personal style, and what people are actually wearing at their school.

“Do you think that girls try to dress up more because there’s so many guys there?”

Simmons College student Lexi, plays interviewer to interviewee, friend and Wentworth student, Keara. A conversation over coffee about clothing worn at schools with drastically different demographics has unearthed surprisingly similar styles. It brings up the question: do girls dress for boys, or for other girls?

Simmons College is a women’s college, and Lexi believes that the all-female environment is supportive of all style choices. Lexi blames her 8am classes on her general outfit of “some old t-shirt from high school, sweatpants with a coffee stain, and Bean Boots.” Considering the girls that you see in the bathrooms in the dorms are the same ones you see in classes, many girls opt for being comfortable and makeup-less. Wearing a black and white striped top, leggings, rain boots, and a cream sweater, Lexi’s use of neutrals exemplifies an easy way to dress up leggings and still be comfortable. Some people do dress up for classes, and Lexi says that she too will wear a skirt to class or around campus. “It feels good to dress up for yourself,” Lexi says about not dressing up to impress guys, or even other girls.


Meanwhile at Wentworth, the technical school’s demographic is 80% males and only 20% females. Like Lexi’s, Keara’s college style experience is not altered by a need to impress. Keara’s outfit is stereotypical of what she would wear to class, and of the classic, preppy New England style that is prevalent at Wentworth. Wearing Bean boots, army green skinny jeans, and a chambray button up with a plaid scarf, her outfit is cute, comfortable and practical for walking across campus and around Boston. Many girls at Wentworth find a similar balance of stylish and still causal. One trend that is a staple for Wentworth students and finds this middle-ground is leggings with mesh or cut-outs.


Both Lexi and Keara draw the same conclusion about what matters the most when it comes to campus style: Comfort. Whether it be comfy sweatpants or just feeling comfortable in your own skin, their student style advocates for wearing whatever you want! So to answer the question of who students dress for, the only real answer is: for themselves.


Quick Questions

What’s your most worn article of clothing:

L: White Nike Roshes

K: Black high-top Converse sneakers

According to you, the best spot in Boston?

L: Isabella Stewart Garner Museum

K: Newbury Street

Name one fashion piece you’ve always wanted but never bought:

L: Faux fur jacket

K: Big, floppy sun hat

What do students at your school wear? Let us know, or show us, on social media!

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