Spring Staples: Colorful Belts

Written by: Madison Paloski

Looking for details to add to your spring wardrobe? Colorful belts are the perfect solution! The gender neutral statement piece is practical and stylish. Up-and-coming New York City based brand, F. H. Wadsworth, is selling colorful and patterned ribbon belts that will soon be in high demand for the season.  Although they had been originally marketed as men’s belts, you can get creative and make them perfect for anyone. A couple of these belts were styled just to show you guys how to rock this spring trend for each gender:


33685582272_b9cba1823b_oThese belts are practical and perfect for any guy. In this case, we played off the colors in the F.H. Wadsworth Maui belt: purple, pink, teal, white, and orange.  A pink Polo shirt was combined with beige pants, and topped off with this statement belt.  The belt makes the outfit look more put together, even though it’s just a casual outfit.



33800704986_181b57d51b_o.png90’s fans rejoice—these belts are perfect for keeping up with the decade’s recurring trends.  Women can pair the belt with a jean mini skirt, complementing the spring weather.  Playing with the colors of the belt, red, white, and blue, a red crop top was added as well. 33028198733_a25be0d1bb_o

Will you be rocking this new spring trend? Let us know @bostonpolished

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