BLOGGER BIO: Avery Stankus

Written by Avery Stankus

My name is Avery Stankus and I am a blogger for POLISHED. Currently I’m a freshman at Lasell College. If I were to be writing this a month back or so I’d mention I’m majoring in Fashion Communication, but with lots of thought into my future, I am now undeclared! I may decide to major in Communications with a concentration in Media Writing and Journalism, but who knows considering I can’t even decide what to wear on a daily basis.

As for who I am, I’m a feminist, a chai latte enthusiast, and a twin. To me, fashion is a form of art as well as self-expression. As for my future career, I’m an aspiring Miranda Priestly/Alexa Chung. Ever since my 7-year old self watched The Devil Wears Prada, I’ve yearned to be a Miranda. From pretending to be her for years as a child, to having it be my go-to movie to this day, the Meryl Streep classic has had quite an impact on my life.

I describe my personal style by saying I don’t have one. My style depends on the day and my mood. I’m influenced by many different aspects in my life. I’m constantly using my notes app to jot down outfits I’m inspired by when I’m out and about, and my ‘Wear Me’ Pinterest board proves just how undefined my style is. Nonetheless, I’m a lover of denim jackets and throw one on over any outfit.

I love writing and fashion so I thought becoming a blogger for POLISHED would be a perfect opportunity to combine my two passions. So far, this opportunity has helped me grow as a writer while also giving me a taste of my future career. I hope to have my own magazine and brand one day, it’s great to have had POLISHED as a start for this. As this is only my second semester on the blog, I do plan to be involved with it throughout my next few years at Lasell.

Want to get a closer look into my life? Follow me on Instagram @hellloavery

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