Training with Tess: APRIL

Written by Tess Dooley

It’s now April, and it is important to remember to keep ourselves on track and healthy for the spring season. More often than not we let ourselves slip up, and create excuses to why we have been straying away from the healthy highway. Remaining on track and creating a healthy routine is crucial to a plentiful lifestyle.

I thrive on good health, and strive to feel rejuvenated each morning when I wake up. I wanted to use APRIL as a way to divulge my secrets to feeling good and remaining healthy, happy, and on track. Here is a quick acrostic poem to get you in on my little secrets to live by!


Always keep a re-usable water bottle on hand or in your bag.

Water is a key nutrient for not health and hydration. Keeping a water bottle at hand will keep your tummy full and your body nourished. It can also help in saving the environment!


Practice Regimen

Creating a regimen for yourself is a good way to get used to health habits and habits that your body will begin to become accustomed to. If you continue a healthy and routine plan, it will ultimately become a practice that will never go away.


Remember Balance

Balance is key in a healthy lifestyle. Depriving yourself or divulging too much creates an unhealthy balance that sends your body into a whacky mode. Creating a balance of moderation and satisfaction is a key component to any healthy living style. Try rewarding yourself for certain activities or accomplishments, but make sure the rewards are always balanced out so that there is never a moment to feel guilty.


Interval workouts

Interval workouts are a great addition to any workout to get you heart rate p and your body fats burning. Including intervals burns more calories and fats than a typical cardio activity with minimal effort. It is not always how long you put in, but rather how much effort!


Leave time for rest

Leaving time for yourself to rest is an absolute must! With your body always moving and working hard, it is important that you give yourself a large amount of rest so that you are able to repeat your cycles weekly. Not giving your body rest will break down your muscles and put your body into a state that cannot work any harder or get any stronger. Getting a crucial amount of sleep and rest days are essential to a healthy plan!

How are you training this spring? Have some of your own tips to implement this month? We’d love to hear them! Share them with us on social media!

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