Written by Emma Davis

Perhaps you’ve seen my name in the byline of a POLISHED blog post before, in which case, thanks for reading. Maybe you haven’t though, in which case, I’ll introduce myself: Hi, I’m Emma Davis. I’m a freshman at Lasell College, a Communications major, and a blog writer/ co-editor for POLISHED.

I’m from Maine, and while I do miss the city of Portland, my dog, and living on Sebago lake, I was more than happy to make the move to the Boston area this past fall. As strange as it seems, one of my favorite things is riding the T. With the exception of during rush hour, I find taking the green line inbound while David Bowie plays though my headphones to be relaxing, and a great source of people watching. My other favorite Boston things include: getting brunch on Beacon Hill in the fall; the view from the top of the Prudential building at night; and being in the city when the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

Fashion is cool and all, but the coolest part about clothing is how it allows people to decide who they are, and who they want to be. My favorite style to spot on the streets is not always the model-esque woman with Louboutins on her feet and carrying a bag worth more than I have in my bank account; It’s the girl whose eclectic style blatantly ignores any standard guidelines to how many accessories is too many. Through our clothes, we tell the world what we want them to know and in turn, we decide who we are.

So who am I? The coffee stains on every white t-shirt I own may clue you in to my caffeine dependence, and my extensive collection of graphic t-shirts says I spend too much money at Goodwill. When I answer a compliment on a piece of clothing with, “Thanks, it’s vintage,” I secretly mean that I wear everything for my online vintage store, Velvet Underground Vintage, before it sells.

I love writing for POLISHED, and documenting how fashion and Boston continue to inspire me. I also plan to write more profile pieces on how other people use fashion to tell their stories! One of my favorite parts of profiles are asking a few quick questions about them… so to end my Blogger Bio, I’ll do the same for myself.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.30.58 nightQuick Questions:

Sartorial Signature:

My thrifted oversized (a.k.a. men’s) denim jacket

Favorite Trend:


Obsessed with:

An indie magazine called The Messy Heads

Social Media handle:


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