DIY Denim

Written by: Kyle Sleeper

Jean jackets are the outerwear staple that will never die. Like wine, I would argue that they even get better with age. But not only are denim jackets a wardrobe necessity, but they have become a canvas for creativity. From the runway to retail stores, these basic jackets have recently sparked a new generation of jean jacket trends that inspire the wearer to explore who they are.

Many individuals are designing their own jackets! The best way to find a jacket to make unique to you is to go thrift shopping at your local Goodwill, Savers, or even The Salvation Army. Here are some of my own denim jacket creations, for you to take inspiration from!


Pay a tribute to The Rolling Stones, or your own favorite band with a painted on logo. And of course, paint splatters!


This more simple denim look is perfect for spring, with the rose on the back. Also, take a peek at the detail peeking out from under the collar!

Are you taking a DIY approach to the classic denim jacket? Share your own jean jacket works of art with us on social media!

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