Mesh & Matching Sets: Coachella 2017 Trends

Written by: Madison Paloski

Coachella, located in California, is one of the hottest music festivals to attend since annually it features some of the hottest music tastes. This year, the lineup included Radiohead, Lady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar. Sure, the music is great, but one of the other reasons so many people rave about the festival is because of its culture and fashion.  This year, straying from the usual flower crowns and flowing dresses, the fashion was groundbreaking. Some trends were repetitive and easily made it to the top looks of the week.  We rated the best looks from this years Coachella, and some trends that may even pop up as major trends this season.



Some festival goers were daring enough to try out the mesh trend this season.  This light and airy material is easy, moveable and ideal for warm Californian desert days.  There are three ways the mesh can be worn: One way is to go all-out and bring out your best undergarments to be shown underneath head to toe mesh; A little less revealing but still flirty option is to pair the mesh with a skirt and just show off your best bralette; If you feel conservative is the better way to go, you can always rock the 90’s trend of long sleeved shirts under dresses, except instead of a shirt, go with mesh, like pictured.


I generally feel that showing off brand logos is a huge no-no, because it takes away from your personal fashion story. However, Coachella ’17 style proved me wrong because showing off brand names became one of the hottest trends. With brands like Louis Vuitton, Coca-Cola, and Vans making appearances, this will be a more laid back trend that will be easy to recreate for the spring/ summer season.

Matching Sets

Matching sets aren’t just made for pajamas–This trend was one of my favorites that I saw because it allows for different bold prints and colors to be experimented with.  You can either wear a matching pants and shirt or be daring and rock a matching skirt and bra.

What do you think of the trends seen at Coachella 2017? Will you be attending any festivals this season, or just incorporating festival fashion in to your wardrobe anyway? Let us know on social media!

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