Serie-ous Style: Mickey from “Love”

Written, Styled, and Photographed by Emma Davis

Model: Bella Ferragamo

Both the idea of love and the city of Los Angeles have been known to be overrated, especially on TV and in movies. The Netflix original series named “Love” takes a more honest approach to both. The rom-com show’s second season began streaming last month. Continuing the story started in it’s first season, “Love” follows main characters Gus and Mickey as they navigate life and relationships in LA. The show focuses on the couple’s adventures in and out of couple-hood, as well as their struggles with careers, commitment, and addiction.


Mickey, played by actress Jillian Jacobs, quickly becomes the character that you love to hate. But as we learn more about her in the second season, she becomes easier to relate to. Throughout both seasons, one positive aspect remains the same: Mickey’s sense of style.

She is definitely an unlikely style icon, but she’s also a realistic one. Mickey is an outfit repeater, sometimes for days in a row. She manages to make the most of her seemingly limited wardrobe, unlike most television characters who wear multiple, different outfits in every episode. Mickey wears the same pair of booties throughout most of the series, and the same leather skirt makes multiple appearances. The girl even rocks a bathing suit as an actual article of clothing, and buttons a denim vest to repurpose it as a shirt… I don’t know about you, but I’m genuinely inspired.


The show’s costume director, Jennifer Eve, compared Mickey’s style to a “hungover Alexa Chung” in an interview for Mickey pairs put-together pieces, like her button-up denim skirt, with a wide array of graphic t-shirts and grungy accessories to create interesting contrast. Like Mickey’s personality, her style isn’t perfectly polished, but rather unique and relatable.

Check out a look book of outfits inspired by Mickey, for the messy, outfit-repeating girl in all of us.

Look One




Look Two



Look Three


“Love” is available on Netflix. And when you finish binge watching that, check out some of POLISHED’s other Netflix picks, and maybe start Netflix’s newest fashion-heavy series: GIRLBOSS.

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Do you “Love” look books? Let us know what shows you take style inspiration from on social media!

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