Band to Watch: Diet Cig

Written by: Raegan Cleary

Who ever said that girls can’t rock as hard as guys has clearly never seen Alex Luciano of Diet Cig perform. Luciano is the female counterpart of Diet Cig, a self-described ‘slop-pop’ duo that hails from New York. With Luciano on vocals and guitar, the duo is completed by Noah Bowerman on drums. Earlier this month the band released their debut album Swear I’m Good at This and toured across North America, making a stop at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.


Don’t let Luciano’s appearance fool you–she may be sweet, but she’s just as tough. Take the lyrics in their latest single “Tummy Ache” for example: “And my stomach hurts/ ‘Cause it’s hard to be a punk while wearing a skirt” are about trying to speak up in the male-dominated music industry. Luciano also sings about many other relatable topics including crappy ex-boyfriends, feeling alone, and guys who thought they had a chance (but really didn’t).

Not only can does band make great music, but they also bring an incredible amount of energy on stage. Luciano buzzes around, kicking her legs up and jumping off the bass drum. Bowerman kills it on the drums. When I saw them in concert, they played Cher’s “Believe” before going up on stage. The sound guy accidentally left the song playing in Bowerman’s in-ears, but he was still able to play their first song, “Sixteen” perfectly.


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