Q&A with HOUSE of CACH

Written By: Kyle Sleeper

If you want to take a step out of your comfort zone, explore the rarities that lie within HOUSE of CACH. HOUSE of CACH is a unique brand of ready-to-wear jewelry and accessories for both men and women. The leaders of HOUSE of CACH are incessantly looking for new materials to create never before seen looks. HOUSE of CACH values innovation and creativity in a conformist world, and creates wearable art that mirrors those sentiments.

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Not only was POLISHED fortunate enough to feature pairs of sunglasses from HOC in the editorial spread in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue, but we also had the chance to chat with Alexa Cach. Cach is one of the lead designers at HOUSE of CACH, along with Molly Northern. She also works closely with Corey Gomes, who is Head of Production and a designer.

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For some insight on HOUSE of CACH’s creative process and drive to design, read on to see what “A’s” Alexa Cache gave to our “Q’s”!

Q – What is your favorite piece that you have ever made, or in your recent collection? While you were making your recent pieces did you have one vision or did you let your imagination take you on a journey?

A – It is our imagination that takes us on the journey to a design. Our retail designs are inspired by our large scale wearable art projects and our products are small pieces and parts of that art project that one can buy. However, independent from the inspiration creating is a very personal process and much of the person that works on it is to be found in the end result. While we have no favorite designs per se we favor some of our creations over others. And often that preference has to with the journey that took us all to the end result.


Q – What inspired you to create your pieces of art, and how long does it take you to decide on one idea?

A – As far as how long the process takes – that can vary. Some designs happen from idea to realization in a couple of hours – some may take two years of research and development. Creating innovative products isn’t generally a fast process, it is about going back to the beginning over and over again until something is perfected – looking at the same item through many different lenses. There is a big difference between creating a one-of-a-kind design versus a collection that can be sold at retail. A custom design is something that never has to be repeated in it’s exact fashion. While there may be some inefficiencies in just creating one item – it is ultimately often easier. Manufacturing requires systems and systems take time to establish.


Q – What drives you to keep going while you’re in a rut with an idea? What drives you for the future?
A – When we are in a rut with an idea we usually just take a little break from it. If we are working on a time-sensitive project that break can be as little as a good night of sleep. Stepping away for a while provides energy for a new perspective. What drives us is to create wearable art jewelry and accessories for people who want to express themselves. We don’t generally create according to trends but by what moves us. Which means we are embracing the slow fashion movement: Our designs are not meant to last for a season but for a stage in someone’s life.

Huge thank you to Alexa Cach for answering our questions, and to the entire HOC team for collaborating with POLISHED! Check out HOUSE of CACH for yourself at http://houseofcach.com/

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