From Writing Papers to Walking The Runway: Tina Makuch

Written by Avery Stankus

Between classes and catwalks, Tina Makuch, a Lasell College student, had quite a weekend this past April. Tina was seen modeling for both the school’s undergrad and senior fashion shows this year, and in multiple designer’s collections. Maybe you’ve had a class with her or seen her around campus, but either way that hair of hers has probably caught your eye at some point. After a busy weekend of runways, photoshoots, and studying, Tina was more than happy to take a break on a final paper to answer a few of my questions.


I opened the door to be greeted by her warm smile. We began talking about finals and the endless studying we were facing as we made our way to my dorm’s common room. Tina and I then spent the next twenty minutes discussing her weekend of modeling and her possible future career in the industry.

What was your favorite piece to model between the Undergrad and Senior show?

It’s so hard to pick, because everything was so beautiful! I really enjoyed [the] ‘Lipstick Red’ [collection in the Undergrad show] because I loved wearing the big skirt. I felt like a princess, and it made me feel really good about myself. I think I really liked doing swimwear as well.

 You mentioned how you were worried about your parents finding out (about the Swimwear), was that okay?

Yeah! They were actually really supportive. I called my mom and I told her I was like, “By the way, I’m modeling swimwear… is that a problem for you?” She was like, “No I totally trust you.” They were totally supportive. I really liked modeling swimwear because, I don’t know, it’s a big confidence booster! It kind of makes you feel like if I can walk in front of all these people in just a bathing suit, I can do anything.


 Is modeling a career you’d consider?

Well originally, as a young child, [when] I was asked to do modeling I always said no. My mom never wanted me modeling until I was 18, because it can really mess people up with eating disorders and stuff like that. People can just get really superficial and she didn’t want that for me—not that it would happen necessarily. It just can get superficial, always thinking about what you look like. My mom wanted me to develop other skills as well, not just have only that. Now, she’s proud of me. She likes me having multiple aspects to my personality, not just ‘oh look, I can be tall and wear clothes.’ Thanks mom for that.

And I didn’t really need to model. I was just being a kid, it wasn’t my biggest concern. Now, as I’m older I’m considering it more. I’m saying ‘yes’ more to the opportunities and I’m having fun doing it. I feel better doing it now, knowing I had a good upbringing. I just feel confident with my body, I know I don’t need to change it.

What kept you focused while walking? 

Honestly, it sounds horrible… but I don’t mind people looking at me. It really doesn’t bother me. I’ve done dance my whole life, which I think helps. Being on a stage isn’t a new concept to me. I like being a part of somebody’s vision or message so I think about that.

What was your favorite part about the Senior Show?

My favorite part was how different everybody’s visions are. They’re all given the same assignment and the directions everybody takes it in are so diverse.


Did you practice your walk, if so for how long?

I did practice, I was actually required to go every other Wednesday to model workshops. They taught us all the different techniques and how to walk. They called them ‘pagentations.’ For example, you could go out by yourself, you could go out with two people, you could go out with two people and one person splits you, you can go out as three and then you have to rotate at the end. There’s so many ways you can walk out. I was really thankful to have that [practice]. I don’t think I would’ve done as well without it.

 What advice do you have for someone who would want to model in next years fashion show?

I would say that you should definitely do it. It’s a lot more work than you think it is. I had eight pieces that I did in the Undergrad show and you learn making a garment is a lot more work than you may think. I didn’t realize how many fittings there’d be, how many model workshops I’d have to go to, and the rehearsals. But, don’t be afraid to just try it, practice it, and work toward it. Make sure you’re comfortable with yourself and that will come across on the runway.

Lastly, if given the opportunity would you do it again? 

Well, fun fact, I already am doing it again. Before the senior show had even begun, somebody already asked me to walk for them in next year’s show!

There’s nothing like getting a little inside scoop on the behind the scene of Lasell’s fashion shows. With how this years shows went, we can hardly wait for next years to come.

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