Exposing Local Talent: Nude Boutique

Written by Emma Davis

If you know anything about POLISHED, you know how much we love local discoveries. An innovative retail clothing and accessories boutique in Providence, RI, shares the same passion. The boutique played off this idea and their tagline of ‘local talent exposed’ before naming the shop Nude.

The local sentiment behind the brick-and-mortar boutique keeps to the theme in which it’s located; Nude can be found in Arcade, which is America’s oldest indoor shopping mall and all the businesses in it are local. “We wanted to be a part of that. Entering the space really gives you the feeling of being transported to another era,” Nude owner and designer Jonathan Joseph Peters (who you may have seen on the seventh season of Project Runway) said to Providence Online.  But despite the ‘old-world charm’ of Nude’s interior, their merchandise brings modern life and creates a stunning juxtaposition that makes the store so unique.


Some of the almost futuristic designs found in Nude were featured in the latest issue of POLISHED Magazine.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 9.19.45 night.png

What makes Nude so unique is the collaborative nature of the local business. Peters and Jess Abernathy, another lead designer and owner, are joined by other local designers and artists. In addition to Peters and Abernathy, the collections of Amy Stetkiewicz, Sarah Prost, Kent Stetson and Susan Troy can be found at Nude.


The local aspect of the shop allows shoppers an even more personalized experience: they can directly interact with designers and even place orders for a one-of-a-kind piece! “Every item in store is designer-created and made,” said Abernathy, adding “If we don’t have an item in your size we can easily custom make it for you!” Peters also spoke to this distinctive feature and the audience their store targets: women who “want to abandon mall mentality and wear special hand-made garments that are completely individualized.”


Not only does POLISHED love Nude’s dedication to local designs, but we love that we were able to use their designs in our recent editorial shoot! Be sure to check out the issue, and check out the boutique on your next summer adventure to Providence.


Nude Boutique can be found at 65 Weybosset St, Providence, Rhode Island, and on Facebook.

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