The Modern Storyteller


Hannah Blount, the daughter of a fisherman and a seamstress, was born in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Throughout her life, Blount’s parents have always been very supportive; she was homeschooled, which gave her the free time she needed to find her own niche. At the age of six, Blount started reading books about the jewelry-making process and began making her first simple pieces for friends and family.Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Blount, 30, started Hannah Blount Jewelry right after her graduation from UMass Dartmouth, where she received an undergraduate degree in jewelry/metals in 2008. Blount’s first studio was built in Nantucket, but she later moved it to 450 Harrison Avenue, in Boston’s South End.

The first piece Blount ever sold was a pair of gold drop earrings, which she brought to a family friend’s store in Nantucket. The piece was sold that very day before it was even displayed.

“That was the moment I realized I was doing the right thing,” said Blount.

Although she started her brand with no financial backing, her hometown and her family have given her a great deal of moral support.

“I make organic and refined jewelry for a modern storyteller,” said Blount, describing the concept behind her brand.

Almost every piece is designed by Blount herself; however, she sometimes collaborates with her customers to make unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. It can take an hour to a month to make a single piece, and around two months to create the core of a collection.

“Each collection comes from somewhere emotional, like childhood or female empowerment,” said Blount. “It’s my way of talking about it in my own language.”

Blount releases her collections every year or two since she constantly edits them and makes a lot of individual pieces. After creating a piece or designing a whole collection, she trains her bench jewelers, Kady Doyle and Mackenzie Law. Each and every piece is completely handmade and unique.

Ninety-nine percent of metal used in her jewelry-making process is recycled. Blount said she is very picky about her materials and gets them from only a few mines in the United States. Blount particularly enjoys using 18-karat gold, as well as gemstones, including turquoise, aquamarine, and tourmaline.

Hannah Blount Jewelry now features six collections: Vanity, Waiting, Routhie B., Sticks and Stones, Facets, and Cameo. Each core collection consists of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. The prices range from $80 to $8,000 for necklaces, $65 to $2,500 for earrings, $190 to $2,500 for bracelets, and $130 to $3,200 for rings. In addition to her core collections, Blount also makes rings and cufflinks for men, and some wedding and engagement pieces as well.

“Cameo collection is one of my favorites. This collection is about female empowerment, and it is very comforting for me. I love wearing it,” said Blount. “As for making, I love Vanity. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.”

Hannah Blount Jewelry’s website describes the Cameo collection as “formidable females, unforgettable faces.” Most of the pieces are made of sterling silver and antique diamonds, and the center of the whole collection is a female face.


Hannah Blount Jewelry pieces are sold in multiple Massachusetts locations, including Boston, Brookline, Jamaica Plain, Nantucket, Edgartown, Manchester-By-The-Sea, Northampton, East Orleans, and Wellfleet. Blount’s designs can also be found in cities across the United States, such as Providence, Annapolis, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Solana Beach, and Los Angeles, as well as in Puerto Rico’s Hato Rey. International locations include Hong Kong and Zurich.

In the future, Blount plans to add more domestic and international retailers. Right now, Blount is not working on a new collection, but she is creating many individual designs and hopes to make more bridal pieces in the future.

“Growing my international retailers is my excuse to travel,” said Blount. “I want to be everywhere.”



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