Doughnuts with a Twist


For weeks and weeks, I have pestered my friends to adventure to Fenway so I can introduce them to the most unique doughnuts in Boston- Blackbird Doughnuts!

Screenshot 2017-11-14 11.45.18


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BLACKBIRD DOUGHNUTS: 20 Kilmarnock St 02115

Only about fifteen minutes from Fenway Park, and in walking distance from everyone’s favorite place in the world- Target, Blackbird Doughnuts is certainly a life-changing experience. The actual layout of the shop is roughly the same size of a dorm room- but the character of this place is huge! With a large column, lots of chandeliers and white brick walls, Blackbird has a very rustic and almost gothic atmosphere which is not what you think of when you hear the term “doughnut”.

This gourmet doughnut shop takes classic doughnut flavors and completely revamps them into a flavor combination that is both unimaginable and delicious. All of the ingredients are both natural and locally made so a taste of Blackbird Doughnuts certainly is a taste of Boston! Also, the doughnut flavors are constantly changing based on the seasons so make sure to check out the current menus here before taking a trip to Blackbird Doughnuts.


Screenshot 2017-11-14 11.46.23

Photograph by: Brianna Doody

For coffee and chocolate fanatics, the mocha chip cake doughnut is a must try on the menu. This unique flavor features a classic chocolate cake doughnut revamped with cold brew espresso glaze topped with mini chocolate chips – a doughnut with a kick!

From cake doughnuts to ice cream doughnut sandwiches, Blackbird is a sweets lover’s dream come true and the perfect place to adventure with a friend!

What is your favorite flavor doughnut from here? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!



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