A Day in the life of Jordan Blackwell


Jordan Blackwell, 21, is a senior Fashion Merchandising major at Lasell. She’s also a model with Maggie Inc. in Boston, with work published in Italian Vogue. After graduation in May, Blackwell dreams of moving to New York or London to pursue modeling as a full-time career. Here, she takes us through the process of castings and photoshoots, dealing with rejections, and balancing schoolwork.

One Week Ahead of a Shoot… I’m really weird. Ok. If it’s a big job or something, like a week in advance I eat really healthy. I eat a lot of sweet potatoes, carrots, colored (you know, vegan) vegetables because it brightens my skin.

Three days before… No candy, no vegan cupcakes, lots of water. I workout but not so hard that I injure myself. Usually, they’ll send me a mood board and I’ll just look at the models, the pictures, the poses. I have a separate Instagram account for only fashion, and I’ll scroll through that look through models portfolios and get inspiration from them.

The night before a shoot… I go to sleep early because I’m the type of person where if I don’t get eight hours of sleep I’ll look like I got hit by a bus.

The day of a shoot… I wake up, skin looks clear, I’ll go to work.

On the way there… I put my head in that space. Modeling is kind of like acting, you have to get yourself into character. I was nervous about getting there on time and all that stuff, but I was excited for the most part. They chose me for a reason so there’s no reason to be nervous or like self-conscious, you know?

I arrive at the location… if there’s a makeup artist there you just wash your face, shave everything. It’s a lot of grooming. You have to bring a bunch of different underwears because you never know what you’re gonna wear.


On the set… no matter how you feel you just have to act happy, kind, and you wanna meet new people and talk.

Doing a job… it’s like transforming into something that you’re not. Especially during runway shows, I really try to be what the designs are. If I’m wearing a gown, in my head I’ll think, “Okay, your name is Theodora. you are the most elegant girl in the world, you’re confident, you’ve got people gardening for you.” You know? You just put those things in your head and when you think about it, it shows on you naturally.

After the shoot… I think about school. I was gone three days for [a shoot with] LL Bean, and I don’t think I did any homework but it’s definitely like, “I’m missing so many classes.” I wanna get dean’s list every semester of my life (because I’m a loser), and it’s like attendance points. Stuff like that I stress about. It’s a lot of leaving class early or getting there late.

If I get rejected… I just move on. You honestly get bummed, like I really wanted this Puma fashion show. I get to the casting I was like, “I can do this!” Anyway, my foot didn’t fit [in the shoe], I didn’t get the job, and I was so bummed. It wasn’t meant for me, if it’s meant for me it will come. Don’t take it personally.

In the near future… I just wanna work with a company for more than just one shoot. I think about money a lot, that’s such consistent income. And if you’re working with them full days… that’d be nice.


All photos by: Melody Ball


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