Kings Bowling


Interview with Doug Warner

Kings Bowling, located in Dedham, Massachusetts, has a unique venue which includes a modern 10-pin bowling alley, darts, billiards, karaoke, and an attached restaurant and bar. Not only is this the perfect place to hang out with friends on a Friday night, but to host parties as well. Since opening in 2002, there are now eleven locations across America. Because Kings is well known for having celebrity guests, one may be surprised by who they could run into during their visit.

Doug Warner, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, has been with the company since 2010. Throughout the last few years, he has seen the company grow continuously. Warner gave some insight on the Kings story and what makes it so special.

“We opened our doors in 2002 in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay in the site of an old movie theater. The idea was to bring back the fun and nostalgia of bowling which has faded since its golden era in the 50’s and 60’s and to pair it with an incredible dining experience,” Warner explains the strategic placement of the Dedham location’s placement next to a movie theater to bring in more people, “We are very strategic with our locations. Generally, we look for places with fantastic, active communities that may be missing a dining and entertainment experience such as ours.”


Although Kings Bowling is a 21 and over venue in the evenings, Warner mentioned that the great thing about Kings is that they cater to all ages.

“We really see a wide range of age groups,” said Warner.

Kings Bowling takes pride in their award-winning culinary program which often takes guests by surprise when visiting the locations.

Warner added, “Our menu is designed by our executive chef and every item is made from scratch. Our food often surprises people who come in with a preconceived notion of the questionable quality of bowling alley food. Many of our loyal guests will join us just to eat. We also have a fantastic beverage program, offering an array of classic cocktails and new creations that our guests rave about. We are also very serious about beers as all of our locations have a curated selection of craft selections from all over the country.”


Warner explained that Kings is an awesome choice to host parties and special events, as the concept is so unique.

“Since 2002, we’ve held over 50,000 parties between all eleven locations. Celebrations range from sales celebrations to birthdays, bachelorette parties, family reunions, wedding rehearsals, and everything in between. Our events and operations teams are experts and know how to make these events stress-free for hosts and memorable for their guests,” Warner said.

Kings offers regular specials every week including a Happy Hour with select half-price pizzas, appetizers on the weekdays and great bowling specials after 9 PM each night.

Warner mentioned, “We are always hosting special events and promotions to keep things fun and exciting for our guests. The best way to stay informed is to follow our social media channels or sign up for our Royal Insider email club on our website.”

Contrary to popular belief, bowling is far from dying out and is still very much alive. Warner explained his opinion as he sees it first-hand on a daily basis.

“Bowling is more alive than ever. It is such a great social sport that does not require a huge amount of skill to enjoy and play casually. In these times where everyone is so tied to digital mediums and their eyes are glued to screens all day, it is a breath of fresh air to do something like bowling where you can enjoy an active social experience with other people in real life,” said Warner.


There are many celebrities who enjoy visiting Kings, Warner explained his personal experience at the location in Dedham.

“We are fortunate to see a lot of celebrities whether they’re just looking for a break from their hectic schedules, rewarding their teams with a fun night out, doing a big celebrity-driven fundraiser or throwing a celebration for a movie wrap,” said Warner.

There are many exciting options Kings has to offer ranging from bowling, billiards, darts, and the concept of refined social dining. This venue being suitable for countless events is the reason why so many customers choose Kings to help celebrate their special occasion. What a fresh and fun way to celebrate a weekend or your special event.

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